The following software companies support Altair cameras directly without ASCOM or intermediary drivers:

  • Auto-guiding software, PHD2 GuidingWe recommend auto-guiding your GOTO mount through the camera and mount ST4 port with the grey ST4 cable provided with your camera. Plug the grey ST4 cable into the camera, and into the mount. Then connect the camera to your PC with the USB cable, then select Connect > “Altair camera”.
  • SharpCap PRO Solar System, Deepsky imaging, Video Astronomy, Microscopy software (free one-user 1 year license with new cameras, includes polar alignment app!)
  • Deep-sky imaging software Astro Photography Tool APT (direct support for Altair Cameras)
  • Deep-sky imaging software NINA (direct support for Altair Cameras)
  • Desktop Planetarium software with plate solving and camera control KSTARS & EKOS (direct support for Altair Cameras in development)
  • INDI Open Astronomy Instrumentation Software INDI (direct support for Altair Cameras in development)
  • Solar System imaging software Firecapture (Altair Camera support in Beta for most models).