Download the latest Altair Astro Camera ASCOM Driver here.

NOTE: New version with "Ultra Low Noise Mode" for Altair cameras which support it, such as AA26CTEC and AA26MTEC. This driver will automatically switch on "Ultra Low Noise Mode" if the camera supports it, and is in it's highest bit depth mode (E.g. 12/14/16 bit RAW). Using Ultra Low Noise Mode can slow down USB transfer rates, therefore we recommend using the USB Speed slider shown in the image below.

These drivers require Windows 8 or higher, and are contained in a .ZIP file.

New version

  • Known minor bug with 26C camera: Cannot take 60sec exposures. 59secs and 61 secs are OK. Will be fixed in next release.
  • Automatically switches on ULTRA Low Noise mode if camera supports this feature and is in high bit depth (12/14/16 bit) mode.
  • With USB Speed / Frame Rate slider control.

ASCOM Driver Frame Rate

ASCOM Driver with USB Speed Frame Rate Slider