• Version Driver 1.4.160 .dll version 55.25064.20240325
  • Download 209
  • File Size 8mb
  • Create Date April 6, 2024

Download Altair Camera ASCOM Driver 1.4.160 ( .dll version 55.25064.20240325 )

Please note: After unzipping the file, you will need to change the installer file extension!

Right click and choose "Rename". Replace ".ms_" at the end of the file name with ".msi" before you click the installer.

For example:
Altair ASCOM Driver-XXXXX.ms_
changes to
Altair ASCOM Driver-XXXXX.msi

This is a simple precaution to stop some AV software or Windows flagging a false positive and blocking the download.

If Windows displays this window, click "More info" and then "Run anyway":

ASCOM Driver Step 1

Click "More info"

ASCOM Driver Install step 2

Click "Run anyway"