You can use your Altair GPCAM as a digital finder scope with the latest version of AltairCapture. Here’s how.

  1. Firstly mount your GPCAM with suitable C-Mount or CS-Mount lens, pointing in the same general direction as your telescope.
  2. Enable the reticule feature. Click on the reticule buttons at the top of the screen and choose the one you like. Now here’s the cool part – the reticule can be moved around by clicking the screen, and the position of the reticule is saved for your next AltairCapture session.
  3. Zero in on a star or object in the main scope, and click on it in the AltairCapture preview window. The reticule will move to that location. (This is equivalent to aligning your finder scope reticule but “digital”!

Now, every time you click the reticule button, you’ll see the reticule pop up in the correct position. You can change it anytime by enabling the reticule, and clicking anywhere on the screen.

AltairCapture Digital Finder Reticule 1 (with gap in crosshair centre)

AltairCapture Digital Finder Reticule 2 (with “traditional” crosshair)

Using the Altair GPCAM as Digital Finder is a great time saver for long exposure imaging. You can check your scope is pointed in the right direction, and of course keep an eye on approaching clouds and aircraft. That way you can cancel any long exposure frames and restart without any wait. Image Credits Chris Heapy:

Cloud coming!

Aeroplane coming!

All is now clear!

You can attach your GPCAM to your telescope using the GPCAM Multi Purpose Camera Clamp.

With this accessory, you can attach your GPCAM to your telescope rings or Vixen/Losmandy plates (Std. M6 1 or 2 hole pattern) like this:



You can also attach the GPCAM to a camera tripod with standard 1/4″-20TPI Photo Tripod thread. The clamp attaches in the vertical (for all sky imaging to capture meteors) or the horizontal position (for daytime timelapse cloud videos and so-on).