Hypercam 183M PRO Mono Camera

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The Hypercam 183 PRO Fan Cooled camera is a popular choice for astro-imaging and microscopy, with the 20mp Sony IMX183 sensor, amp glow reduction and high sensitivity, for extremely smooth, detailed images.

The 183 series has a very high pixel density, fitting 20 megapixels within a C-Mount or small telescope aperture, making it very suitable for short focal length refractors, camera lenses, and high numerical aperture / low power microscope objectives. This camera is sensitive to UV and IR light making it suitable for scientific applications, and a separate UVIR blocking filter is available.

The IMX183 is one of the most sensitive Back Side Illuminated BSI sensors available. Low read noise makes it suitable for both deepsky and solar system imaging with ROI as well as low light fluorescence microscopy and video astronomy or EAA involving image stacking. The Hypercam 183 series excels in any application where higher senstivity, and better signal to noise performance is required. Fan cooling slows down the build up of  heat in the sensor for better consistency and easier calibration.

The PRO Fan Cooled Version has the following features:

  • Fan Cooling, reduces sensor temperature, up to 5 degrees less than normal operating temperature*
  • Temperature sensor, with data available in real-time.
  • ROI (Region of Interest).
  • 4K Mode 4096×2160 at up to 42fps
  • Binning.
  • Amp glow reduction.
  • * A separate power supply is not required because the fan is powered by the computer USB port.

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