Hypercam 294C PRO Colour Camera

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Due to it’s extremely low read noise, the Hypercam 294C is suitable for both long exposure deepsky and fast video style solar system imaging with ROI, as well as any frame stacking and averaging, for example in microscopy or video astronomy.
The 294 series has a very high sensitivity and 4.64um pixels, making it very suitable for refractors and reflecting telescopes of medium to long focal length, camera lenses, and high power microscope objectives.
The 11.6mp Sony IMX294 is a 4/3rds sensor (23.2mm diagonal) capable of 14bit depth. With Back Side Illuminated (BSI), STARVIS, and Exmor-R ratings, performance is excellent in low light imaging applications such as astronomy and high resolution low-light microscopy, or any form of imaging under low light conditions.

The PRO TEC COOLED Version has the following features:

  • Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC) max -45C below ambient temperature*
  • Temperature sensor, with data available in real-time.
  • ROI (Region of Interest).
  • Binning.
  • Amp glow reduction. 4GB RAM.
  • * A separate power supply is not required because the fan is powered by the computer USB port.

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