This is caused by your PC restricting power to USB devices, or your CPU halting, as a result of power savings settings.

Battery saving settings on laptops: Open the Settings panel and point your mouse to the USB section in Devices. Then un-tick the last box where it says “Stop devices when my screen is off to help save battery“.

CPU Idle settings (laptops and PC’s): CPUs can halt when in idle mode (such as between frames) interrupting an image frame download. You will need to consult the specific manufacturer instructions (such as Intel) to disable the CPU power saving policy. Some typical settings for Intel CPUs as follows. NOTE: Instructions vary with processor models and manufacturers, and your power consumption will increase. We cannot take responsibility for issues this may cause. Example instructions from Intel:

  1. Reboot PC.
  2. Press F2 to enter the BIOS Configuration menu.
  3. Select Processor Settings.
  4. Scroll to “C States” and “C1E”
  5. Disable both using arrow keys.