How to generate a Diagnose File in AltairCapture

Before you submit a technical support ticket, you can run a Diagnostic for faster service:

1) Install AltairCapture from

2) Connect camera with USB cord. Please do not use any USB hub or 3rd party power supply to run the diagnose it’s better to use 1.8m USB3.0 provided or 3m USB2.0 cable.

3) Click on Camera name top left-hand side of screen to activate it:

Support - Activate Camera Video Preview

Support – Activate Camera Video Preview


4) If camera is a Hypercam TEC model, then follow steps 5 onwards, if Fan-Cooled Hypercam or GPCAM, then go to step 8.

5) TEC Cameras: Connect 12v Altair power supply to TEC 12v port:

TEC Camera Rear View 12v Power Socket

6) Switch on TEC Cooling in AltairCapture and set target to 0C. The camera cooling Fan should start running:


Support - Switch ON TEC Cooling

Support – How to Enable TEC Cooling

7) Check temperature readout on righthand lower screen corner – it should decrease gradually to approx. 0C:

Check temperature on righthand bottom screen

Check sensor temperature in AltairCapture

8) Go to About > Diagnose, click “Copy”. Past text into support ticket, or open Notepad in Windows, paste text (Control + V Keys)  into Notepad, and save the .TXT file. Be sure to include your order number order number and fault description in the new support ticket: