How do I fit a Starwave 0.8 V3 Reducer & Rotator to my Starwave ED scope?

Locate the knurled ring at the rear of the scope and twist to remove.

Here you will see the end coupler ring that has three (3) small flat-head screws.

Loosen these three (3) screws off and unscrew the coupler ring.

Take your Starwave 0.8 Version 3 (NOT V2) and screw this onto the focus tube assembly

You have now successfully fitted your Starwave 0.8 V3 Reducer.

There is a screw on the rotator you can loosen or tighten to lock/unlock the rotation.


Fitting Starwave 0.8 V3 with rotator video – Click here

Fitting Starwave 0.8 V3 Reducer WITHOUT Rotator – Click here