My USB astro camera randomly disconnects, showing a black image.

Recommended USB power saving settings for Altair CMOS cameras.


Windows 10 has default power saving features which disable the computer’s USB ports while running your CMOS camera, as well as audio MIDI and WiFi USB devices.


You can minimise disconnects by disabling this feature:


Type “Control Panel” in Windows search and press enter to launch Control Panel.


Select “Hardware and Sound”.



Select “Power Options



You have 2 options “Balanced” or “High performance



Whichever is selected (Balanced or High Performance) Select “Change plan settings”.


Note: Changing the “Put the computer to sleep” option to “Never” is highly recommended when imaging.


In the Power Options window, select “Change Advanced Power Settings” and a new window will pop up.



Scroll down to USB Settings. Click the + button to drop down the USB selective suspend setting.




Change this setting to Disabled. Click OK or Apply to save.


This should now prevent your PC disabling or power cycling USB ports, which can potentially interrupt your imaging session.


We suggest also checking out “Processor Idle State” settings