How do I set up the Altair ASCOM driver?

Altair has its very own ASCOM driver for its devices.

There is a, “How to download and install ASCOM driver” FAQ – Click here

The drivers in the download section will have all the latest libraries updated. You must be logged in in order to download. It takes very little time to register your details so you can log in to the download area.



For this example we have used TheSkyX software and the Altair Astro 26C Camera. Your individual setup may well be different but this will give you and overall idea of how to set up your ASCOM.

Connect your camera to your system. We would recommend using the correct USB cable and port where possible, i.e. a USB 3.0 cable to a USB 3.0 port or a USB 2.0 Cable to a USB 2.0 port although the USB 3.0 devices will still function if connected with a USB 2.0 cable to either a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port.

If required, please also plug in your camera power supply and switch on.

On your chosen software, select your camera setup button.


This will allow you to select the camera from a drop down box.

Please select the ASCOM driver.



Once you’ve selected the ASCOM driver the software will ask you to choose your Camera.



Here you can select the “Altair Astro Camera ASCOM driver”.



Click “OK” and then select settings. This is where you will input the individual settings for your camera. Please note, these settings will be different for each different camera that you use. This is an example for an Altair Astro 26C camera.



A dialog box will open allowing you to make adjustments for your particular camera.

If your camera does not support a particular setting then this will be “greyed out”.



Initial settings we would advise the following:

  • Select your camera model
  • Camera Mode set to RAW
  • Pixel Bit depth to highest value
  • Gain – set to approx 10.00 ( for comparible Gain settings with alternative software you will have to times this factor by 10, for example Altair Ascom Gain 10 = Gain of 100)
  • Black level – 0
  • USB Speed – 0
  • Fan speed – on
  • Window heater – Mid way
  • Conversion Gain – High
  • Ultra Low Noise – On


Click “OK” .

You should now be able to connect your camera.

Please note that the above values are an “example” to get you up and running and you may well have to adjust these settings to your particular systems and requirements.