My camera is not recognised by Windows Device Manager

Sometimes the camera is not shown in Windows device manager or the camera driver is not installed properly.


After installing AltairCapture, plug the camera into a USB port. 


When the camera is plugged into the computer, the camera should automatically recognised by Windows.


If everything works, the camera should show up under the “Imaging devices” section in Device Manager


For Windows 10, it should appear in the “Universal Serial Bus devices” section of Device Manager.



If, after installing AltairCapture, you have plugged the camera into a USB port and it doesn’t appear in the “Imaging devices” section, or the “Universal Serial Bus devices” section of device manager, try to find it in “other devices” section under “USB2.0 Camera” or “USB3.0 Camera”.


You may see a yellow warning triangle indicating the driver isn’t found for that device.



Right click the device name, and find the “Update driver” button in the popup menu.




Select the driver in the installation directory and finish the update process. The default directory of the driver is in C:\Program Files\AltairAstro\AltairCapture\drivers\


If you cannot find the camera in the mentioned location above, this means the camera is not recognized by Windows. This could be a hardware problem.


Things to try are:


  • First check the USB connection and try to reconnect the USB connector again.
  • Try changing to another USB cable if reconnecting doesn’t help.
  • If possible try connecting the camera to another PC or Laptop to see if it will connect there.
  • If you can see your camera in Device Manager on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop, right click it, select Properties>Power Management and make sure the box that says “Allow to be turned off to save power” is UNCHECKED.


If you are certain the camera is not in the device manager, the USB connector on the PC or camera may have problems.