Getting started with an Altair Camera

This is a quick start guide to help owners ensure that the Altair Camera is working with your capture PC.  The information presented has been influenced by support questions commonly asked.

The latest version of the AltairCapture software can be downloaded here (you will need to register to access this page)  : Click here – Altair Downloads page

This software contains both the image capture program and the camera drivers.

[Note to existing camera owners: a new model or version upgrade of an existing model will require newer drivers.  Although AltairCapture may already be installed, the software should be upgraded to the latest version to ensure up to date drivers are on your machine.]

The following procedure is best done inside, in the warm, during daylight.  This will help to ensure a productive first light session with the camera.

Quick Start Steps

  1. Download and install AltairCapture.
  2. Plug in the camera using the supplied USB cable. The cap can be left on the camera at this stage.
  3. Start AltairCapture.  The camera should appear under Camera List near the top left of the screen.  The right-hand panel should be grey. Tip: Altair USB3.0 cameras support both USB2.0 and 3.0. If the camera is a USB3.0 camera running on a USB2.0 connection, you will see (USB2.0) appear after the camera name.

4.  Click on the camera name.  It will be underlined (to show it is selected), a black rectangle will appear on the right-hand panel and the light on the back of the camera will flash. This indicates a successful connection between the computer and camera.

6.  Adjust the following settings.

7.  Point the camera at a window (in daylight), a lamp or a bright computer screen and remove the camera cap.  The black panel should change from black to a lighter colour, usually green.

8.  Move the Exposure Time slider slightly to the right.  The right-hand panel should become lighter.

9.  Continued movement to the right of the Exposure Time slider will result in a completely white right hand panel.

10.  Repeated covering/uncovering of the camera will result in the right-hand panel being dimmed or brighter.

11. At this point the installed capture software and camera have been proven to be working together correctly and the camera is responding to light.


If all else fails, try this troubleshooting page: